09 September 2016


I'm not exactly a pro at packing but from my experiences I have a few tips on how to make the most of the space in your suitcase, how to prevent getting clothes creased and packing light. Being part of a family who try their hardest to fit most of their belongings into hand luggage to make a cheaper flight I know what it's like to have limited space. Here are my tips:

Roll up your clothes rather than folding.
Fill up your shoes with socks.
Use dry bags especially when backpacking.

Take a travel steamer.
Roll up your clothes with tissue paper inside.

I find P20 the best SPF for hot holidays (lightweight and non greasy).
Organise day-to-day outfits.
Flip flops, sandals or heels and trainers only.
Waterproofs and 2 jumpers for colder holidays.
Struggle cutting down on makeup? Try and use minimal makeup for a week prior to your trip to see how little you can take.

08 September 2016

My Brow Routine.

Yesterday was nails. Now come the brows.

To be honest with you brows are my number one. I am quite lucky to have inherited huge bushy brows (thanks dad) but they do require a lot of maintenance. I have come to this routine through a lot of trial and error; uneven brows, shaven down the middle, shaven underneath, waxing. And there are some old wives tales and dos and don'ts like never pluck the top of the your eyebrow. But when you want your brows to fit your face and be even those rules are there to be broken.

1. Brush Up. Use any brow/lash brush or spoolie to brush all you hairs upwards.

2. Pluck. Take some tweezers to pluck under the brow.

3. Cut. Whilst the hairs are all brushed upwards, take some nail scissors and cut to you desired length and thickness of your brows.

4. Brush Down. Again, take the brow/lash brush or spoolie and brush all your hairs downwards.

5. Pluck. Pluck all the hairs above your brow and between your brows.

07 September 2016

What to do in Portugal.

As a family we usually go to Greek islands likes Crete or Corfu but this year we switched it up a bit. I'm not sure if it's because we went earlier on in the year so it wasn't as hot but I found myself preferring Portugal to the Greek islands. However their food wasn't my favourite. Anyway, Here's a run down of all my main points.

We flew with Norwegian Airlines from London Gatwick to Faro on 25th June till 2nd July. We hired a car and drove around the Algarve which made the holiday so much better as we got to tour more of the country. We stayed with James Villas called Sophie Marum in Vilamoura and we couldn't fault it whatsoever. It was within a little village of villas and our next door neighbour had two, absolutely massive Neapolitan Mastiffs which kept us entertained whilst lounging by the pool. An obvious highlight for me.

Where to go:

What to eat:
Seafood with Black Spaghetti.
(Who knew Nandos isn't actually Portugese food...)

What to wear:
Factor 50
Comfy flip flops
No makeup
Hair ties.
Floaty clothes. It was hot.

06 September 2016

My Nail Routine.

Brows, lashes and nails are three things I love the most about myself (find something about yourself that you love, I dare you). I find them the easiest to make look fab. I like them all to be bold and well-kept because, if I'm honest,  when they're all looking alright I feel great. Is it acceptable to say that? Who knows.

I have only had my nails done professionally twice in my life so far. From this I've picked up a few tips and tricks along the way: never touch the skin around your nail with polish and always wear a base and top coat to maintain healthy nails and for them to last longer (one thing that a professional does that I have never tried is removing the cuticle). Anyone who is thinking of getting their nails professionally done I would recommend Shellac and to get them removed professionally too as otherwise your nails go flakey.

1. Clean. Remove any nail varnish or dirt using nail varnish remover.  Remove dirt from under your nails (I use a cocktail stick for this but don't push too hard as your nail may bruise or bleed). Wash your hands. Moisturise.

2. Prep. Cut and file your nails. Use a buffing block to even them out. Apply a base coat.

3. Colour. Paint your nails with a colour of your choice. 2 layers (maybe 3 depending on desired opaqueness). Use a cotton bud with nail varnish remover to correct any mishaps.

4. Finish. Apply a top coat. Plunge into ice cold water or use a fast drying nail spray. Moisturise.